How to Start a Process

The following is a summary of steps that take place after you have configured a process using Xerox capture component. The initialization of the process and route components in your process are beyond the scope of this document.

  1. Configure a process with the Xerox capture component and save the .cfg file in the desired folder.
  2. From the Service Manager GUI, click on Stop and then Start to begin the service with the .cfg script that was saved in step 1.
  3. The Xerox component starts by checking the validity of the Home Directory and Work Directory folders.
  4. The Xerox component checks for connectivity to the SMB or FTP repository.
  5. The Xerox component collects information from each device in the group using the IP address or the host name of the device. This is accomplished by utilizing the SNMP Get Community String. The information collected from the device consists of model number, hardware and software version information, etc.
  6. If the device is unknown, a message is displayed on the Status Monitor to inform the user about the nature of the problem.
  7. The service refreshes the template pool setting for that group. For each member of the group, perform 8 and 9.
  8. At this point, the service verifies the device is pointing to the same template pool location that was configured using the Xerox Capture component. In other words, the Xerox component checks to make sure the device's and component's view of the Template Pool locations are the same. If the locations do not match, a warning is displayed on the Status Monitor GUI.
  9. In the rare case where the device Template Pool IP address is set to and the host name is blank, the Xerox component (utilizing the SNMP Set Community String) forces the Template Pool setting to what was configured in the Xerox component.
  10. If the repository or Template Pool are invalid, the service won't start.
  11. Steps 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are repeated for every group configured in Xerox component.
  12. At this point the initialization of Xerox component has been completed successfully.