How to use templates

Templates provide a way to preprogram scan job settings at the Xerox multifunctional device.

  1. Configure a template via the Xerox Document Centre component.
    This generates a Xerox Scan Template (.xst) file that gets placed in the FTP or SMB location that you have already configured in the template pool.
  2. From the Service Manager, stop and start the process that contains the Xerox capture component. This will operation will update the template pool.
  3. The multifunctional device reads the definition of the template file (.xst) from the template pool location and displays it on the multifunctional device control panel.
    Note: Some Xerox multifunctional devices require manual template refresh from the device control panel. Refer to Restrictions and limitations.
  4. When a user scans a job by selecting a template at the multifunctional device control panel, the Xerox scan template (.XST) and image files defined in the template will be updated with user-entered meta-data (index data) and get stored in the repository.
  5. The process examines the updated .xst and image files that are stored in the repository (from step 4) and determines how to process the file based on the process and route components defined in the workflow.
  6. Select a group that you have defined and then click Add Template to define the template attributes by configuring the following settings:
Note: You can perform the following operations on a template or a group:
  • Copy a Template and paste the Template to a different group by right clicking on the Template, or
  • Move a Template from one Group to another Group by dragging the template to a different Group, or
  • Create a Template for a desired Group by right clicking on the Group and selecting Add.