How to send invoice information

Consider an XML file that contains information from an invoice.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso 8859 1" ?>
	<Vendor>IT Books</Vendor>
			<Name>Beginning XML</Name>
			<Name>XML Step by Step</Name>

You may want to send information about the invoice total sum to a manager.

  1. Design a workflow with AutoCapture, XML Importer and Send to Mail Recipient.
  2. On the Fields tab of the XML Importer configuration, add two search fields.
    1. Number with corresponding XPath query: //Number
    2. Total with corresponding XPath query: //Total
  3. In the Send to Mail Recipient configuration write the following text in the message field.
    The total sum for Invoice ~XIM::%Number%~ is ~XIM::%Total%~.
  4. Run the process.
  5. Send the XML file to the process by AutoCapture client.
The following message will be sent: "The total sum for Invoice 13576 is 55.5."