Configuring the XML Importer component

Activate the component in this window.

The component configuration window contains the following settings:

Option Description
Activate Use this combo box to activate the XML Importer component. You can use one of the following alternatives:
  • Select 'Yes' to enable the component.
  • Select 'No' to disable the component. In this case the component won't perform any actions during files processing.
  • Enter a custom value. If the entered value is equal to FALSE, NO, OFF or 0 (case-insensitive), then all the settings in the configuration window become disabled. Otherwise, the settings are enabled. You can use RRT from other components in this combo box. If this value is evaluated as TRUE, YES, ON or 1 (case-insensitive) at run time, then the component takes part in the workflow. If this value is evaluated as FALSE, NO, OFF, or 0 (case-insensitive) at run time, it does not perform any actions during file processing. All other values at run time will be regarded as FALSE.
Delete original documents If this check box is selected, the original XML document(s) will be deleted and the component will pass only the RRTs and/or added files to the subsequent components. Otherwise, the original XML document(s) will be passed to the subsequent components.
Tab Description
Fields tab This tab contains the list of search fields and the controls for managing this list.
Files tab On this tab you can specify additional files that will be created or loaded during the process and passed into the workflow along with the input document.