Component RRTs

Component RRT ID

The RRT ID for this component is WND.

Reserved Replacement Tag Names (RRTN)

The following tables describe the reserved RRTN values for this component.

Table 1. External RRTs
Label RRTN Description
Windream Server Name Server The name of the Windream server.
Windream User Name User The name of the Windream user.
Windream Domain Domain The domain, to which the Windream user belongs.
Windream Path Path The document path on the Windream server.
File Name Filename The document name on the Windream server.
Folder Name Foldername The name of the created folder.
Document Object Type DocObjecttype The Windream document object type.
Folder Object Type FolderObjecttype The Windream folder object type.
Document ID DocumentID The uploaded document ID.
Table 2. Internal RRTs
Label RRTN Description
GUID String GUID The GUID string. This string is generated at run time and can be used in the Rename schema inside the component settings.
File Name FileName The original name of the uploaded file.
File Extension FileExt The original extension of the uploaded file.

Special Set Replacement Tag Names (SSRTN)

This component does not support any SSRTN values.