General Tab

Configure the Windream account settings on this tab.

Option Description
Activate Activate the component according to a condition.

For more information about conditions, see Conditional Activation.

This option is available only in the eConnector configuration.

Pass through Set this option to Yes to pass the original document to subsequent components in the workflow. If this option is set to No, the component won't pass the input documents to the subsequent components in the chain.

You can use conditions in this field (see Conditional Activation).

Note: If you enter an invalid condition into Pass through box, the activation is Yes by default.

This option is available only in the eConnector configuration.

Use custom connection options Clear this check box if you want to use credentials of the workflow server user to connect to the Windream server; in this case, the default server alias will be used. Otherwise, specify the necessary information in Custom connection options group.

When this check box is selected, all the options in the Custom connection options group are enabled; otherwise, they are disabled.

Server alias Select the name of the server, into which the component will send documents.

You can use RRTs in this field.

Note: If you leave the Server field blank, then the component will use default alias specified in the Windream client for document uploading. See information on how to add a new Windream server alias in How to add a new alias to the server list as a windream domain user.

For more information on aliases in Windream, refer the Windream server documentation.

Username Specify the name of the user account that will be used for connecting to the server.
Password Specify the password for the specified user account. This value is only used when the Obtain password via RRT check box is not selected.
Obtain password via RRT Select this check box if you want to specify the password via RRTs.
Password RRT Enter an expression consisting of RRTs that will be replaced by the actual password at run time. This value will be only used when the Obtain password via RRT check box is selected.

This field supports and returns values for encrypted by restricted RRTs. For more information, see Encrypted Field RRTs.

Domain Specify the domain of the user account. You should specify the full domain name.
Note: If you don't use domain, leave this field blank.