Using Windream

The component also can be used to create a new folder in Windream, where a document can be stored into.
  1. Design a workflow process by selecting the type of MFP that will be used.
  2. Use the Barcode as a process component and the Windream component as a route component.
  3. Activate and configure the Barcode component to read barcodes and to pass this information to the Windream component.
  4. Configure the Windream component. Specify the account settings on the General tab. Specify the paths and the rename schema for the documents on the Destination tab.
  5. Use RRTs with barcode information to fill out indices on Index Table tab.
  6. When the MFP user selects a pre-configured function key on the control panel of the MFP device, barcodes in the scanned images are read and the documents are routed directly into the specified Windream directory.