Troubleshooting tips

Problem Description Solution
The NT Authentication check box is selected the General tab, and the error message Cannot connect to #Server# appears, where #Server# is the name of the selected WebDAV server.

Try to use the WinHTTP proxy configuration utility Proxycfg.exe to set the WinHTTP proxy configuration settings correctly. To enable NT authentication between Client (computer with the WebDAV component) and Server (computer with WebDAV server), at the command prompt of the Client type,

proxycfg -p proxy_server " <local> ; domain "

where proxy_server is the name of the computer with the proxy server. If there is no proxy server in the network, specify some other computer name. Execute this command. For details about using the ProxyCfg.exe tool, see Netsh.exe and ProxyCfg.exe Proxy Configuration Tools in the MSDN library.

Note: When you use this method, there may be problems with connection to the WebDAV server when using an IP address specified by the WebDAV Server option on the General tab.
The Status monitor shows the following message: Error WebDAV Route: Cannot set file properties. The file is not sent to the WebDAV server. Probably, you have set a property which is not applicable to the specified server or some property is read-only and cannot be configured. Contact you server administrator to make sure that the configured properties are applicable to the specified WebDAV server and are not read-only.
When you use many processes with the component at the same time, not all of the processed files are routed to the output folder. The issue is connected with high load of the IIS server where the WebDAV server is located. For more information see Microsoft KB article 831711 ( FIX: A WebDAV request to IIS causes a 500 internal server error.
The Status monitor shows the following messages:

Send file request failed with status = 414; status text = 'REQUEST URI TOO LONG'

Cannot route <filename> to <URL address>. Please make sure that your access rights, WebDAV folder URL, user name and password are correct

The file is not sent to the WebDAV server.

These messages appear when you are trying to upload the file of the format that is not supported by the WebDAV folder, for example, compiled executable (.exe) files, Compiled HTML Help (.chm) files, or dynamic-link libraries (.dll). Do not try to upload the files for unsupported formats.