Properties tab

Use this tab to specify the properties of the routed documents.

Each property is identified by name, value and server.

Option Description
Name Displays the name of the property in the following form: [namespace] name, where [namespace] is a namespace. Namespaces vary depending on the server type. The common namespace for the servers that support WebDAV is "DAV:". The possibility to configure standard properties of "DAV:" namespace depends on the specified WebDAV server properties.
Value Displays property value.
Server Displays server type.
Use the following three buttons for managing the properties from the list.
Add Click this button to add a new property to the list. The Add Property Field dialog box will open.
Edit Click this button to edit a property from the list. The Edit Property Field dialog box will open.
Delete Select one or several properties and click this button to remove the selected properties from the list.
Note: Removing a property is permanent and cannot be undone. If you click Cancel after removing a property and then reopen the tab, the removed item will not appear.