Add/Edit Property Field dialog box

Use this dialog box to add a new property to the list or edit selected one.

Option Description
Server Choose a server type from the drop-down list of the available types.
Name Enter the property name or select the property from the drop-down list of standard properties associated with the server. The entered name must have the following form: [namespace]name, where [namespace] is some string that should end with ":" symbol. This string is interpreted as a namespace. Namespaces vary depending on the server type. The common namespace for the servers that support WebDAV (Distributed Authoring and Versioning Protocol for the World Wide Web) is "DAV:". The possibility to configure standard properties of "DAV:" namespace depends on the specified WebDAV server properties. It is mandatory to fill out this field.
Note: If you specify the property name as "[namespace]name, the resulting property on the WebDAV server will have the following form: "[namespace]:name"; that is ":" symbol will be inserted between namespace and name. For example, if you specify "My:time" or "DAV:displayname" properties, these properties will look like "My::time" or "DAV::displayname" on the WebDAV server.
Description Displays the property description if you choose one of the standard properties associated with the server.
Value Enter the value of the property. The component verifies whether the entered value is applicable for the property and can be used in combination with the other properties.