Fields in a form

Fields section contains the fields that will be associated with the documents. The number of fields depends on the type of the form and on which forms were added in the Fields tab of the configuration window.

The following figure shows an example of the fields on the form:

The form may contain the fields of the following types:

Field type Description
Text This type is used to enter unformatted text to the documents. This text box may contain sentences, names, numbers, dates, time an so on. Enter the desired values into this field by hand.

There are two types of list fields:

  • Single selection list — A list where only one item can be selected. Usually this type represents a drop down list. This type may contain additional functionality (search, adding unspecified values), in such a case the corresponding field will have the browse () button; click it to get to the additional functionality.
  • Multiple selection list — A list where multiple items can be selected at the same time. Click to browse to the list of choices. Use navigation buttons ( and for a single value; and for all values) to select/clear values in the list of choices. This list may be presented as a number of check boxes.
Note: Depending on server settings both types of the list fields may allow searching through the existing values and adding new values.

This type presents a node tree of choices for users. You can enter the value manually in this field or click and navigate through the nodes to the desired value.

Note: If you enter manually the value in this field and there is no such a value in the tree, then the error message will be shown.
Check box This type allows users to select the simple values (yes/no of true/false).
Numeric This type is used for numeric values. You can enter a non-numeric value into this field, but this will cause an error.
Date This type is used for dates. You can enter the date manually. When you try to enter the date a pop-up calendar will be shown, where the current date will be selected. You can change the date by hand.
Button This type is used for custom buttons. For example, for changing metadata entered or updating the form.
Label This type is used for labeling various text information, for example, hyperlinks.
Signature This type is used for users' signatures. Users could leave their signatures in the Signature field, using stylus or computer mouse.
Note: This is not necessary that the fields of all types are presented on the form.

The list of fields on the form may change dynamically depending on the form settings on the server.

The server administrator may configure the form so that all fields automatically get filled in when you enter a value for either one of them.