Web user interface

The documents are sent into the workflow by means of a Web interface. When the administrator starts the service, the component launches a web application that provides Web UI through which users can interact with the service, namely send documents into the workflow. The default web page URL of the service is

http://workflow server ip/hostname:3290/ASWCCapture/default.aspx

After opening the web page, a user is asked to enter the credentials to be authenticated according to the authentication method chosen by the administrator.

The next page contains the Menu/Form tree whose structure is exactly the same as that of Menu/Form tree on the Menus tab of the main configuration window.

Select a form in the tree and click the Next button to view the form page.


A form contains two sections labeled as Fields and Documents. The Fields section contains the fields that will be associated with the documents. The number of fields depends on the type of the form and on which forms are defined on the Fields tab of the configuration window. Here is an example of a Basic Form with one text field.

In the Documents section you can add documents that are to be sent into the workflow.

After filling in the necessary fields and adding documents, click the Send button.