How to use the Web Capture component

The Web Capture component allows for capturing documents into the workflow using a web service.

Note: The Web Capture component requires that the ASP.NET feature be turned on in Windows Features. See Restrictions and Limitations.

Consider the following example in which we want to process documents from different computers connected to the local network while processing documents differently for each user. Design the process with the following steps.

  1. Add the Web Capture component to a new workflow.
  2. Add all route components that will be used in the workflows of either user.
    At this point you have to add all the components to make them available for use in the workflows. We will activate selected components to construct a specific workflow for each user.

Now we configure different forms for the different users. You can click the Help button in the Web Capture component settings dialog box for details about options on any of the tabs.

  1. Double-click the Web Capture icon, and add a form for the first user on the Menus tab of the Web Capture component settings dialog box.
  2. On the General tab of the form settings dialog box, choose Restricted Access in the Access Control settings, and in the Allowed users/groups box specify the user name for the first user.
    This allows only the specified user to access the form.
  3. On the Fields tab, configure the fields that you want to be associated with the documents sent with this form.
    The values of the field will be passed to the subsequent components as Field Replacement Tag Names (FRTNs).
  4. On the Components tab, configure the components that will take part in the process for this form and configure each component according to your requirements.
    If you don't activate a component it will not take part in a user's workflow.
  5. Repeat steps 3 through 6 to configure a form for the second user.