Send to Folder Fields tab

Use this tab to configure the special options for the Send to Folder fields.

Option Description
Base directory The base path to the folder. The tree of subfolders of this folder will be displayed on the web page, and the user will be able to browse this tree to select the destination of the document. The base directory can be a UNC path as well.
Default document name The default value that will be used for the document name field.
Use authenticated user credentials If this option is selected, the component will try to impersonate the authenticated user and display folders and files for which that user has read and write permissions. In case this option is not selected or impersonation does not succeed, the workflow service user account will be used to access the file system.

The user credentials that will be used to access the file system depend on the authentication method that is selected on the Authentication tab in the Web Capture settings dialog box:

  • Integrated Windows: the credentials of the logged in user will be used.
  • Active Directory: the credentials used to access the Web UI will be used.
  • LDAP authentication: the credential used to access the Web UI will be used.
  • Custom script: in this case, you should add a WinPassword field to the sign-in page and set the UserName property of the UserInfo object in the script. The values of this property and of the WinPassword field will be used as user name and password to access the file system. If WinPassword field is not defined, an empty password will be used.