Extended Field Property Manager

The Extended Field Property (XFP) manager may be used to assign custom properties and their values to any field in Web Capture.

These custom properties are carried forward into the user interface, where they may be used by custom clients to determine additional behaviors or rendering for the field. These properties may also be used for custom styling in clients, including the Web Capture client, by adding markup to the HTML, which can be targeted by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) selectors.

Web Capture includes some prepopulated properties for supporting NSi Mobile Server and they cannot be modified or deleted. For more information on using the XFP for NSi Mobile, see the NSi Mobile Server configuration guide.

The Properties panel in the Extended Field Properties Manager form displays each property and its values. The Applicable Fields panel displays all the fields Web Capture supports and which fields are associated to the XFP currently selected in the Properties panel.

The toolbar at the top of the form allows your own custom properties to be added, edited, and deleted. The Add and Edit toolbar buttons will open the Property dialog box, where the property name is defined with its list of values and whether more than one value can be selected for the property.

See more information on styling the Extended Field Properties in Custom Styling in Web Capture.