Authentication Fields dialog box

This dialog box allows you to set up the fields that will be displayed on the sign-in page and whose values will be passed to the VBScript processor to perform custom authentication.

This dialog box contains two predefined fields UserName and WinPassword.

Note: When the Use authenticated user credentials check box is selected, for a Send To Folder or a Send to SharePoint form, the WinPassword field will be used to log in to access the file system or to log on to the SharePoint server.
Option Description
Name Specifies the name of a field.
Display Specifies the label displayed for a field. If no value is specified for a field, the Name value is displayed.
Default Specifies the default value for a field. This entry is optional.
(required) Select the check box in this column to require users to enter a value in a field.
(mask value) Masks the field value.