Vector tab

Use this tab to configure parameters for opening PCL, HPGL, DXF, DWG, DWF documents.

The component rasterizes vector images and subsequent operations are performed on the raster images.

Option Description
Use the same horizontal and vertical Select this check box to use the same horizontal and vertical resolution.
Horizontal resolution (DPI) Set horizontal resolution. The default value is 150 dpi.
Vertical resolution (DPI) Set vertical resolution. The default value is 150 dpi.
Pages Size Set the page size of the output image. You can either select a page size from the drop-down list or enter page width and height in Width (in) and Height (in) boxes correspondingly. If the image area does not fit the specified size, the image will not be stretched. For example, if you specify A4 page size (8.27x11.69 in) and process a square image, the resulting image will be 8.27x8.27 in.

VIP does not support vector-specific transformations and saving in vector formats. If you plan to process vector images via VIP, you have to configure conversion to one of supported raster formats.

Some vector formats such as DWF, DWG can contain definitions of 3D objects. VIP does not perform any 3D transformation on the input images, so the resulting image will contain a projection of 3D model to default plane.

LeadTools opens PCL files as black and white images even if they are colored.