Output Format dialog box

This dialog box allows configuring settings for saving the output file.

Option Description
Save as type Select the format of the output file. See the list of supported output formats in the Restrictions and Limitations section.
Note: Not all formats have a multipage support. If the component receives a multipage document and converts it to another format that does not have a multipage support, the component will generate a separate output document for each page of the input document. These documents will have the same name as the input document with an index; for example, inputdocname_1.jpg, inputdocname_2.jpg.
BPP Select color depth of the output image, in bpp.
Subfile type Select a subfile type from the drop down list. This setting is enabled only for some formats.
QFactor Specify value of an option to determine the degree of loss in the compression process. This setting is enabled only for some formats. Commonly, the QFactor is a numeric value that varies in the range 2 – 255, however there are some exceptions to this rule and some special predefined values for some formats. If the format has such predefined values of QFactor, you can select one of them using the combo-box. If QFactor takes only numeric values from given range, its value can be set using the text box. The below table lists the non-standard QFactor values for different formats:
  • JPEG 16 BPP: 0 only
    • 2 – 255
    • (-1) Perfect quality 1
    • (-2) Perfect quality 2
    • (-3) Quality far more important than size
    • (-4) Quality more important than size
    • (-5) Quality and size equally important
    • (-6) Size more important that quality (sharp)
    • (-7) Size more important than quality (less tiling)
    • (-8) Maximum compression keeping quality
    • (-9) Maximum compression
  • PNG: 0 – 9
  • ABC, TIFF with ABC compression:
    • (0) Lossless compression
    • (1) Virtual Lossless compression
    • (2) Remove Border compression
    • (3) Enhance compression
    • (4) Modified1 compression
    • (5) Modified1 fast compression
    • (6) Modified2 compression
    • (7) Modified2 fast compression
    • (8) Modified3 compression
    • (9) Modified3 fast compression
    • (10) Lossless fast compression
    • (11) Lossy fast compression
  • ECW: 1 – 100
Progressive options Using this option, you can save multiple representations of image at different resolutions without any extra storage overhead. The image will be saved in the low-resolution in the first pass; subsequent passes will improve the resolution. Specify the number of passes that are required to complete the image. This setting is enabled only for some formats.
Progressive order Select the order of progression from the drop-down list. This setting is enabled only for some formats.
Compression Select the method that should be used for determining the compression. This setting is enabled only for some formats. The compression method may be one of the following:
  • Lossless — Compress the file without loss.
  • Compression Ratio — Compress the file based on the value entered in the Comp. ratio text box.
  • Target File Size — Compress the file based on the value entered in the Target size field.
  • Quality Factor — Compress the file based on the quality factor specified in the QFactor combo box or text box.
J2K options This button becomes enabled when you save the image in the JPEG 2000 format. Click this button to configure the JPEG 2000 file options in the Advanced JPEG 2000 Options dialog box.