Edit Profile dialog box

This dialog box allows configuring of a profile; that is, the set of filters for image processing and the order of their application as well as setting of the output format.

Note: The profile settings are stored in an XML file.
Option Description
Profile This text box shows the path to the profile file.
Optimization filters This window displays filters currently included in the profile. The selected filters marked with a check mark are active.
Add Click this button to add a new filter. This button opens the Filters dialog, which contains a list of all filters available in Virtual Image Processing component.
Configure Select a checked filter in the list and click this button to bring up a configuration dialog for the selected filter. This button is enabled only if the selected filter has additional settings. Deskew, Despeckle, Stretch intensity, Flip, Reverse, and Invert filters do not have any settings.
Remove Select a filter in the list and click this button to remove the selected filter from the list.
Note: Removal of a filter from the list is irreversible.
Move up/Move down By clicking these buttons, you can set the order of the filters. The filter displayed on top of the list will be applied first.
Output format This group allows you to select the output format for processed images.
Convert to Select this check box to change the format of the output image. By default, the output image has the same format as the input one. Click to open the Output format dialog box to configure the settings for the output files. See the list of supported output formats in the Restrictions and Limitations chapter.
Advanced This button opens the Advanced Settings dialog box, which allows you to set up additional options for opening documents that contain vector information.
Preview This group of settings allows you to preview the result of applying filters.
Browse Select the image on which you want to test the filters. The selected image will be displayed in the Original image window and in the Preview window.
Preview Click this button to display the result of modification in the Preview window.

You can capture and move the images to view their different parts within Original image and Preview windows by placing mouse cursor over the images and moving it while holding left mouse button.

  • buttons above the image windows are used to zoom the image in and out.
  • buttons are used to display the image in its original size and to shrink the image to fit the preview window.
  • buttons are used to browse between document pages in two directions if you are previewing a multipage file.
Auto preview If this check box is selected, the component automatically displays the result of applying selected filters in the Preview window.
Quick view If you are performing filter profile configuration on a large image file, it is advised to select this check box to speed up image processing calculation. In this case, not the whole image is processed but only real image pixels currently visible in the preview window.
Save Click this button to save modifications to the profile file.
Save as Click this button to save the settings in a new XML file.