Scan settings

This topic describes scanning settings that are available for the Toshiba Unified Client component.

These settings are configured on the General tab in the form settings. Select the Allow Changes check box next to any option to allow users to change the setting on the device console.

Setting Description
Color Mode

Indicates whether to scan the original in color or black and white mode:

  • Black: Scan in black and white.
  • Full Color: Scan in full color, regardless of whether the original is in color or in black and white. This is the default setting for this scan setting.
  • Gray Scale: Scan in gray scale, regardless of whether the original is in color or in black and white. Select this option to scan originals with many halftones, such as black and white photos.
Compress Reduces the file size of the scanned documents.
  • Low
  • Mid
  • High

Indicates whether to scan one or both sides of the original.

  • 1 Sided Original: Scan one side of the original.
  • Double-Sided (Book): Scan both sides of the original. The pages are printed so they can be bound at the left or right side.
File Format

Indicates the type of the file to save scanned data. The following file types are supported:

  • JPEG: A commonly used method of lossy compression for digital cameras. Suitable for saving photo data. JPEG is a single-image format.
  • PDF: Save to a Portable Document Format (PDF) document. This is the default setting for this scan setting.
  • PDF/A: An ISO-standardized version of a Portable Document Format (PDF) document that is used for archiving electronic documents. This format prohibits certain features that aren't suited to long-term archiving.
  • Slim PDF: A Portable Document Format (PDF) document with a reduced file size.
  • TIFF: The Tagged Image File Format is a raster graphics file.
  • TIFF Multi-Page: Multiple TIFF images within a TIFF file.
  • XPS: Microsoft's Open XML Paper Specification is a fixed-document format and specifies a set of document layout functionality for paged, printable documents.
Original Mode Specifies the type of document being scanned:
  • Text/Photo
  • Photo
  • Text
  • Printed Image
Original Size

Indicates the size of paper being scanned.

  • Auto: Captures will use the setting configured on the MFP. This is the default setting for this scan setting.
  • A3
  • A4
  • A4-R
  • A5
  • A5-R
  • A6
  • A6-R
  • B4
  • B5
  • B5-R
  • Comp
  • Folio
  • Ledger (LD)
  • Legal (LG)
  • Legal 13 inch
  • Letter (LT)
  • Letter R (LT-R)
  • Statement
  • Statement R (ST-R)
  • 8.5SQ
  • 8K
  • 16K
  • 16K-R

Specifies the scanning resolution, in dots per inch (DPI):

  • 100 dpi: The smallest possible file size with the lowest level of detail.
  • 150 dpi
  • 200 dpi
  • 300 dpi
  • 400 dpi
  • 600 dpi: The maximum file size with the highest level of detail.
Scan Rotation

Specifies how to rotate the documents being scanned:

  • None
  • 90° clockwise
  • 180° clockwise
  • 90° counter clockwise