How to configure process and route components

Use the component settings in a form to configure process and route components in the workflow invoked by a form. Component settings configured in a form only apply to workflows that are initiated by the form.

  1. Open the Toshiba Unified Client properties dialog box if it is not open already.
    To do this, either double-click the Toshiba Unified Client capture icon in a task or right-click the icon and click Properties on the shortcut menu.
  2. Expand a group or menu, click the form you want to edit, and then click Edit on the menu bar.
    To create a new form, click the group or menu and then click Add Form. See How to add a basic form.
  3. Open the form settings dialog box for the form if it is not open already.
  4. Click the Components tab to display the components list.
    The table lists components in the task.
  5. Select a component by clicking the leftmost column next to each component
  6. Click on the browse button (...) in the configure column Configure column icon to display settings for the component.
  7. Configure settings for the component.
    Click the Help button for details about the component settings.
  8. Click the OK button to save your changes.