How to add a new menu

Add a menu to categorize choices that allows users to invoke the Toshiba Unified Client component on a from a client application an a device, a web application, or desktop client. application.

  1. Open the Toshiba Unified Client properties dialog box if it is not open already.
    To do this, either double-click the Toshiba Unified Client capture icon in a task or right-click the icon and click Properties on the shortcut menu.
  2. On the Groups tab, click the group in which you want to create the menu.
  3. Click Add Form on the menu bar.
    This opens the Menu Properties dialog box.
  4. Configure settings for the menu.
    For additional information about menu options, click the Help button.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.

Completing this procedure adds the new menu in the selected group.

After you complete this procedure, add forms that can be selected on this menu to allow user input and configure components for processing and routing captured documents in a workflow. For more information about using forms, see Managing forms.