How to add a new group

This procedure describes how to add new groups in the Toshiba Unified Client component settings.

Note: The Common Group cannot be removed.
  1. In an AutoStore workflow, double-click the Toshiba Unified Client to open the component settings if it is not open already.
  2. Click the Groups tab, and click Add Group.
  3. In Group Settings, type a name for the group in the Name box.

    This name does not appear on the MFP display as it is used strictly for identification purposes.

  4. Add the MFP devices that will be associated to this group by entering the IP Address or host name of the MFP in the Associated MFP Addresses list.

    The Associated MFP Addresses list box must contain at least one MFP.

    Note: Typically, you can enter the IP address when a device is assigned a fix IP address. Use a network name is preferred if a device is assigned a DHCP address.
  5. If the MFP devices in this group should authenticate the user, click the Authentication tab, and select the Requires Authentication check box Then configure authentication settings.
  6. Click OK.
  7. To edit an existing group, double click the group name, or click the group name and click Edit.
  8. To remove an existing group, click the group name and then click Remove.
You can click the Help button for detailed information about dialog box options.