What Is a Smarticket?

A Smarticket is a paper or electronic document that has all the Workflow information about Tasks and Combos along with the required indexing information embedded in it. The Smarticket Web Client is used to create, configure and manage Smartickets. A Smarticket Task is a unit of Workflow. A Smarticket Combo is a combination of Tasks that are bundled. Tasks and Combos are managed by the Smarticket administrator through the Smarticket Process Designer.

The Smarticket is scanned or sent along with the documents to be processed. The barcode displayed on the Smarticket determines the Workflow to be used as well as any other processing requirements.

Figure 1. Figure 1

From the Smarticket Web Client display, Smartickets can be accessed by selecting the Tickets tab (see Figure 2). Access modes are set for Smartickets. Smartickets created by the Smarticket Web Client user will be displayed in the My Tickets tab. Smartickets that are accessible by all Smarticket Web Client users can be found in the Public Tickets tab. Specific Smarticket Web Client users can be granted permission to use a Smartickets. All Smartickets where the user has been granted permission to access will be located within the Shared Tickets tab.

Figure 2. Figure 2