Workflow tab

The Workflow tab allows for the definition of the workflow processing assigned to the task. Index fields that will be required for this task can also be specified.

Workflows created here are also referred to as child AutoStore workflows. You can drag multiple process components onto the Workflow tab, but only one route components is allowed.

Define and configure the input fields associated with the components in the workflow process.

Option Description
Field Name This can be any series of alphanumeric characters.  Use of special characters (such as ~, &, <, >, %) is not recommended. Enter metadata information related to the workflow task (Contract ID, Matter ID, Date, and so forth).
Type This component supports the following field types:
Required checkbox Select this check box if the field entry is required.
Caption Displayed name of the field.
Help The help message is displayed on the client as a tool tip window when the mouse cursor is moved over a field on the form. This should be used to guide to the user when creating task.
Properties Configure the property field for each field value.