String List field

This field presents a list of predefined values that the user can select.

Option Description
Default This value will be the default for the field until changed by the user.
Display Mode
  • List Box — If this option is selected, the user will select values from the list using a list box.
  • Button List — If this option is selected, the user will select values from the list using radio buttons.
  • Look-up — If this option is selected, the user can either type the values or select them from the list of predefined values. To access the list of values, the user will need to click on the browse button. The user can then select the value or use the find options to narrow the list.
  • Ticket Only — If this option is selected, the contents of the list will not be displayed when creating the Smarticket. However, the contents of the list be displayed in the Smarticket as an OMR List. This option can only be selected if Generates OMR is set to Yes.
Generates OMR This generates OMR on the Smarticket for the user to place a mark in the selection box.
Height The use of the property varies depending on the contents of Display Mode:
  • If Display Mode is List Box, this property defines the number of items that are visible at the same time in the list box.
  • If Display Mode is Lookup, this property defines the number of lines of the text box control that holds the selected values.
  • If Display Mode is Button List,this property is ignored.
  • If Display Mode is Ticket Only, this property is ignored.
List The administrator creates the list from which the user selects the appropriate value.
Selection Mode
  • Single — A single value can be selected
  • Multiple — More than one value can be selected
Note: The value of this property is ignored if the display mode is ticket only because OMR lists always allow for multiple selections.
Separator Symbol chosen by administrator to separate selected values.
Show in Smarticket Choosing Yes means that this field name will be shown on the printed Smarticket barcode sheet.
Width This property is only used if the Display Mode is set to lookup, in which case this property is used to indicate the width in characters of the text box that holds the values entered or selected by the user.