Process settings

Set the workflow process attributes that apply to this Task.

Option Description
Work Path Enter the location where the temporary files are stored.
Frequency Enter the frequency at which the workflow process will process Smartickets. The default is set to every 20 seconds.
Schedule Select this check box and enter begin and end times to schedule processing times for Smartickets.
Retry on Failure If any component fails during processing of a Smarticket, that component will retry processing the failed Smarticket based on the retry parameters specified here. The number and schedule of retries dictates the how the retry is performed.
  • Enter the desired number of retry attempts by a component to process the Smarticket.
  • By checking the Schedule check box retries can be scheduled. Specify begin and end times for the retries.

The retries are distributed uniformly during the specified schedule. For example, if the number of retries is set to 5, and the schedule duration is 1 hour, every 12 minutes a retry attempt will be made. The maximum number of retries will be 5.

If the Schedule option for retries is not selected, the retry attempts will be made according to the Task frequency.

File Options There is an option to keep the processed or rejected files for future use.
  • Enter the folder path for where processed files will be saved.
  • Enter the folder path for where rejected files will be saved.

These folder paths can be the same path the administrator used within AutoStore. An administrator can create a separate process in AutoStore to poll this folder.

Debug Select this check box and set the debug level to get the log messages displayed on the status monitor. The higher the debug level, the higher the detail log messages that will be displayed.
Note: If the debug level is set too high, this option may use large amounts of disk storage.