Error codes

The following table shows the code, type, and description for errors in Smarticket Process Designer.

Code Type Description
1 Unknown Error Error captured from the system. Check error log for detailed troubleshooting information>
2 External Error Error captured from external Smarticket dependent components.
3 Invalid Id Attempt to retrieve an invalid object id.
4 Invalid Request Service request call failure.
5 Database Error Error captured from database server.
6 Job Expired Smarticket job has expired.
7 Job Max Uses Reached Maximum number of uses for the Smarticket job has been reached.
8 Job Incorrect Password Incorrect password used for the Smarticket job.
9 Invalid Client Id Client id that is passed is invalid.
10 Invalid Operation Id Operation id that is passed is invalid.
11 Server License Expired Web service license has expired.
12 Client License Expired Web client license has expired.
13 Client License Info Not Found Web client has not been registered.
14 Server License Not Found Web service has not been registered.
15 Not Registered With ASL Web service not registered with AutoStore.
16 Database Corrupted Database is corrupted.
17 Job Inactive The Smarticket job is inactive.
18 Operation Not Allowed User operation is not allowed.
19 Max User License Reached Maximum number of users allowed has been reached for the web service.
20 Coversheet Error Coversheet file cannot be generated.
21 Migrate New Version Inactive Not Used.
22 No Host Name Not Used.
23 Service Registration Failed Web service registration has failed.
24 Configuration Error Configuration setting is invalid.