Smarticket Combo properties

Combos extend the capabilities offered by Tasks when there is a need to run multiple tasks as part of a single Smarticket. Without a Combo, multiple Smartickets are needed for multiple tasks.

Option Description
Name Enter a name for the Combo. Combo Name can be based on the tasks that are bundled in the Combo.
Description Provide a description of the Combo
Client Type From the drop-down list select the desired client type. The selection you make narrows down the tasks you can include in this Combo. Please refer to Tasks.
Grant Access Only to Select this check box to limit access to specified users.
  • NameClick to browse for users for whom you want to grant access to this Smarticket Combo. Based on this field, the selected users can view/edit the Smarticket Combo from the selected Client Type.

Clear this check box to allow access to the Combo to all users in the domain where the Smarticket Web Service was installed.

Tasks Click Add to open the Add Tasks window. Select the desired tasks and click OK.

The Add Tasks window displays the published Tasks corresponding to the Client Type. Depending on the Combo function, select a specific Task more than once.

Display Tasks as OMR checkbox(es) on the Smarticket Select this check box to display the tasks as Optical Mark Recognition boxes where the user can place a mark.

If this check box is selected and a task that includes a OMR generating field is added, the Combo cannot be saved.

Only one set of OMR generating fields are allowed, so if two tasks with OMR generating fields are used within a Combo, the Combo cannot be saved.

Usage The following fields apply to the life span of a Smarticket that is using this Smarticket Combo.
  • UnlimitedSelect this check box if you want a Smarticket created using this Smarticket Combo have unlimited lifetime and can be used indefinitely. Otherwise, you can select the number of times Smarticket can be used before it expires.
  • Expires afterEnter the time that you want the Smarticket to expire after the Smarticket has been created.

    For example "Smarticket123" using "Combo abc" was created at 1:04 pm. The Expires after check box is selected and the interval is set to 20 minutes. Then Smarticket123 will expire at 1:24 pm.

Note: Expired Smartickets will disappear from the Smarticket client window.
Allow user to change default settings Select this check box to allow users to change the default settings when creating the Smarticket.