Profile dialog box

This dialog box displays a list of all defined profiles.

Click the Add button to create a new profile. A profile can be edited or deleted by selecting Edit or Remove.

General tab

Field Name Description
Name Enter a name for the profile. This is a required field.
Description Enter a brief description of the profile.
Server Enter the Server Name or IP address and port of the Web Service Address. The required format is http://servername : port or http://IPaddress : port . If secure socket layer (SSL) is enabled, the required format is https://servername : port or https://IPaddress : port . This is a required field.
Home Path Choose the folder path where the SMARTicket server will retain all processing information. This is a required field. It is suggested that a UNC path is used.

Task tab

The Published Tasks dialog box has been divided into two sections.  The upper half displays all the Tasks that use the default setting to start a SMARTicket Task service. The lower section displays all the tasks that have been customized.

Select a Task from the upper half and click on Customize to modify the service start-up attributes for that Task. If the attributes have been modified, and the changes have been accepted, the Task is moved to the customized section.  Changes can be made to a customized Task by clicking on the Edit button.

To undo the customization of a Task, select the Task from the customized section and click on Reset.

Note: Only Published Tasks are displayed and SMARTicket Combos are not displayed.