Troubleshooting tips

Problem Description Solution
The device does not show the Applications The device is not properly configured to point to a server. Check the device configuration and make sure the device is pointing to the correct server.  If you change the configuration of the server to use a different port rather than the default port, make sure the device is configured to connect to the appropriate port.  Apply the changes made to the configuration and you should be able to see the forms on the device after a few seconds.
Server fails to start.Log entry indicates ”can’t create directory Check for: The folder path that appears under the Preferences tab must all exist.  The server attempts to create these folders, but if not successful or if the folder is deleted prior to starting the server, then the server will not start properly.Solution: Make sure the folders on Preferences tab exist and the server user id has full access to them.
The MFP Device has the forms showing up but does not display the right forms. Where are these forms coming from? There could be several setups that result in forms displayed improperly:
  • The Sharp OSA Web Application is pointing to the wrong server.  Check the server address and make sure that it is pointing to the intended server.
  • The device is pointing to the wrong Sharp OSA Web Application.  Check the External Application Settings configuration in the device and make sure that it is pointing to the intended web application and the correct Web port number.
  • The device is member of one of the device groups and it is taking the forms from the device group (and not from the Common Group).  Also make sure that the device only appears in one group.
The MFP displays the following message when a document is scanned: ”ERROR: Could not send scanned file to FTP server” Check for the following:
  • The FTP server is unreachable.  Make sure that the FTP port is not blocked.
  • The FTP server does not allow write operations.  Make sure that the FTP server is configured to allow user to put file in it.
The MFP displays the following message when a document is scanned: ”WARNING: Could not remove scanned file from FTP” This is usually due to the ASPNET account not having permissions to delete files from the FTP folder where the documents are created. See the Configuring the Sharp OSA Web Application form more details.
The MFP displays the following message when a document is scanned: "Network error.(Timeout error) Consult your network administrator." This is likely due to the timeout for HTTP run-time execution being too brief. Increasing this timeout value should fix this issue.
RRT of user's credential through third-party card authentication is empty. Check for the following:
  • Query device authentication session for credentials in Group Settings should be checked.
  • The key for each user attribute from third-party card authentication is preceded with "MFPUserAttri-" and user attribute is case sensitive.
  • The version for SharpCapture.dll should be V. or above and the version for ASWebForSharp should be V
  • The timer for third-party card authentication should be shorter than the MFP device energy saver timer.
When format="password", the value displayed is not replaced with "*" on the software keyboard. Instead of "*", the plain text displays on the software keyboard. Do not initialize the password type fields.