Restrictions and limitations

  • There may be instability while working with the files of big size. The maximal limit is near 100-150Mb and it depends on parameters of a computer and the SharePoint limitation.
  • The components supports only the following types of fields for documents and list items:
    • Single line of text
    • Choice
    • Number
    • Currency
    • Date and Time
    • Yes/No
    • Person/Group
    • Hyperlink
  • The impersonation in this component is partial. This means the following:
    1. At configuration stage, switching Impersonate option on the General tab does not affect the component controls behavior except for the controls available in Permission settings dialog box and its child dialog boxes. The functionality of these dialog boxes (getting lists of permissions and groups, user validation) works under the impersonator account.
    2. At run time, the documents and list items are sent under the impersonator account.
  • The component can upload files by using two different methods:
    1. Upload with buffering in the Workflow Server computer memory. In this case, the size of the sent document is limited by available virtual memory on this computer.
    2. Streaming upload. This method is used automatically if the anonymous access is allowed to the following file: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\ISAPI\_nsi\NsiSp2007UploadHandler.aspx on the computer with SharePoint 2007 Server. In order to allow the anonymous access, in the IIS settings select the site, select the _vti_bin/_nsi folder, open Authentication for NsiSp2007UploadHandler.aspx and set "Enable" status for Anonymous Authentication.
    Use the most appropriate method for file uploading.