Permissions Settings dialog box

In this dialog box you can indicate users or groups that can access created list item.

The dialog window displays the current list of permissions given to users or user groups.
Column Description
Type This column displays one of two alternatives: User or Group.
User Name This column displays the name of a corresponding user or group.
Permissions This column displays access right the corresponding user or group has.
Option Description
Inherit permissions from its parent folder or list If this check box is selected, the list item will inherit permissions from its parent list. In this case, the buttons on the right side of this dialog box are disabled. If this check box is not selected, the buttons are enabled.
Add Click this button to add a new permission to the permissions list. The Add Permission dialog box will open.
Edit Click this button to edit the properties of the selected permission. The Edit Permission dialog box will open.
Delete Select one or several permissions and click this button to remove the selected permissions from the list.
Restore Click this button to return to the previous list of permissions.