List Items tab

Use this tab to specify the attributes of the list items that you want to add to lists on SharePoint 2007 Server.

An item is specified as a set of fields and their values.

Option Description
Route list items Select this check box if you want to create list items. If this box is not checked, the component won't create any list items (for example, if you need to route documents only).
List Enter the name of the list on the specified server where list items will be created, or select the list from the drop-down list. If the specified list does not exist on the server, the configuration can be saved, however an error message will appear at run time. It is mandatory to fill out this text box.
Overwrite If this check box is selected, the component will compare the existing items in the specified list on the server with the one that is being added, and if they coincide, the old items will be replaced with the new one. Items are compared based on the values of certain key fields. Click the Search keys button to specify these fields. If this check box is not selected, new items will be added to the list without replacing old ones. In this case there may be several items with identical field values.
Search keys This button is enabled only when the Overwrite check box is selected. Click this button to specify the fields that will be used as a basis for item comparison. The Search Keys dialog box will open.
Note: If you use the Overwrite option and specify a particular list item field as key field, this field should be added to the Fields list for correct replacement. Because it will provide the values with which to compare the fields.
Permissions Click this button to set the permissions, that is, access rights that users or groups will have. The Permissions Settings dialog box will open.
Content type Specify the content type of the list item. You can enter the content type manually or select the content type from the drop down list. The content types are defined on the SharePoint 2007 Server at the site level. You can use RRT in this combo box.
Note: You can set up the content type in two ways:
  1. Specify the content type in the Content type combo box.
  2. Leave the Content type combo box blank and specify the value of the Content Type field in the Fields list.
If you do not specify any content type and the specified list is configured to use content types, the list item will have the default Item content type.
Fields This group allows assigning properties or fields to the routed list items.
Note: Each list has its own specific set of fields. If this list requires a set of mandatory fields, these fields will be assigned to the list item anyway. If you do not specify the values of mandatory fields, they will be set to default values specific to the list.

If you use the Overwrite option and want some list item fields to be replaced by the new values, you should add these fields to the Fields list for correct replacement, even if these fields are mandatory.

The component verifies the correctness of the specified fields at the configuration stage. If you specify an incorrect field, the component displays the sign before the field name. If you specify the list item content type in the Content type combo box, the component will check if the fields configured in the Fields list belong to the specified content type. When the Content type combo box is blank, the component checks if the configured properties belong to the list of all possible fields of the specified list.

If the component cannot verify the correctness of a field name, for example, if the Content type, List, Server address or Site value contains an RRT, the sign is displayed before the field name.

Ignore missing fields If this option is selected, the component will ignore fields that are specified in the configuration and absent on the SharePoint server. If this option is not selected and you specify fields that are absent on the server, routed documents will be rejected.
Add Click this button to add a new field to the fields list. The Add Field dialog box will open.
Edit Click this button to edit properties of the selected field from the list. The Edit Field dialog box will open.
Remove Select one or several fields and click this button to remove the selected fields from the list.