Advanced dialog box

Configure advanced Connect to PC Client options in this dialog box.

Option Description
Connection Options

Specify the port number used to transmit documents from the server. This setting should match the port number configured for the Send to PC component.

Inbox Subfolder Aliases

Specifies subfolder aliases. These can be referred to instead of subfolder names as destination locations in the Send to PC configuration on the server.


Click this button to add a subfolder alias to the Inbox Subfolder Aliases list. In the Inbox subfolder alias dialog box, specify values for the following options.

  • Alias — Specify the alias that will be used to reference the folder.
  • Value — Specify the subfolder name.

Click this button to remove the selected subfolder alias from the Inbox Subfolder Aliases list.


Click this button to edit the Alias or Value for a selected subfolder alias from the Inbox Subfolder Aliases list.


Click this button to import alias definitions from a text file. One alias definition should be entered on each line with the alias and value separated by the vertical bar character in this format:

  • alias1 | value1
  • alias2 | value3
  • alias3 | value3
  • ...

Click this button to export alias definitions to a text file. The alias definitions are exported in the format described for the Import option.