Troubleshooting tips

Problem description Solution
This component does not send any email messages. Make sure that the SMTP server name and authentication credentials are correct in the settings, and that the recipient’s email address is correct. If you have multiple recipients, make sure that their addresses are separated by the semicolon character (;).
The emails are rejected by the SMTP gateway server. Make sure the SMTP relay parameter is turned on.
When the component tries to send messages through Exchange web service with impersonation, the following error appears:

Unable to connect to the Exchange Web Service. Error description: The server to which the applications is connected cannot impersonate the requested user due to insufficient permission.

This error appears when the currently logged on user has no sufficient rights to impersonate the requested user.

To solve this problem, make sure that the current user has the permission to impersonate the requested account on the server. For a proper configuration of impersonation, read Configuring Exchange Impersonation.

When the component tries to send messages with large attachments through SMTP server, the following error message appears:

Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

This error may appear when the virtual memory size is not large enough for a proper operation of the component.

Make sure that the virtual memory size, set for the machine where the workflow server is running, is large enough so that the component successfully can send letters with large attachments.