Cover Sheet tab

Use this tab to add cover sheets to the sent faxes.

The component can use one of the cover sheet templates provided by the RightFax server. A cover sheet template can be either a Microsoft Word document or a PCL file. When the fax is sent, the sender and recipient information as well as cover sheet notes are merged with the cover sheet template and converted to the image file that is added to the sent fax as a cover sheet.

Option Description
Use cover sheet Select this check box if you want to add cover sheets to the sent faxes. If this check box is not selected, the faxes will be sent without cover sheets.
Default options If you select this check box, the component will use the default options for cover sheet settings that are predefined on the RightFax server. In this case, the Use cover sheet, Cover sheet file and Sparse rows options are disabled. This option is checked by default.
Sparse rows If this check box is selected, then the text in the Note section of the cover sheet will be written with one-line interval between lines. This option is intended for compatibility with the previous version of the component where the lines were always written with this interval. By default, this check box is cleared.
Note: The RightFax API allows displaying no more than 21 lines in the Note section of the cover sheet.
Cover sheet file Specify the file that will be used as a template for the cover sheet. You can enter the file name manually or select from the drop down list of cover sheet templates available on the RightFax server. You can use RRT in this test box.
Note: If you do not have permission to change the cover sheet, this text box will be disabled and the default value will be used.

Click this button to update the list of available cover sheet templates from the server. The component displays an error message if this operation fails.

Cover sheet notes Enter the text that will be used in the Notes section of the cover sheet. You can use RRTs in this box.