Authentication Prompts dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure prompts that will be used to collect user information. These prompts will be displayed for user entry in the MFP control panel.

To create a new prompt, type a name in the first blank box in the Name column of the table. To delete a prompt, click in the first column of the table to select a row, and then press the Delete button on the keyboard.

Option Description
Name Specifies the name of the prompt that will be used to reference it in the script.
Display Specifies the label for the prompt on the MFP. If this option is left empty, the name will be used to label the prompt.
Default Specifies a default value for a prompt. This is optional.
Required Select this check box to require the user must to enter a value for the prompt.
Masked Select this check box to mask text entered by the user at the MFP device panel for security.