Lookup List field options

A database lookup field allows users to specify items from a field a database table.

Option Description
ODBC Data Source Select the desired ODBC data source.

Only system data sources can be selected as a data source. If no ODBC Data Source was previously created, a new ODBC Data Source can be created by selecting the <New…> option.

User ID Specifies the user ID for connecting to the ODBC data source. This field is optional. If no entry is made, then the user account running the AutoStore service will be used.
Password Specifies the password that corresponds to the User ID
Connect Check this button to validate the Data Source settings.
Table View Choose Table/View to select the table or view, and then specify settings for the specified table or view:
  • Value Column — Select the name of the column from which values will be loaded into the lookup list (required).
  • Display Column — Select the name of the column which will provide the names which will be displayed in the lookup list (optional).
  • Description Column — Select the name of the column which will provide the description for the names displayed in the lookup list (optional).

If nothing is entered for Display Column, those values listed from the Value Column will be displayed. Additionally, the descriptions from the Description Column will be displayed in the details section of the user interface. This option is only available with device panels that display in color. See List field options for more information.

Query Choose this option to require the user to enter a SQL query. The SQL query will produce the results to populate the list. For more information on SQL scripting, see General SQL syntax.
Maximum number of rows to preload The user can select the maximum number of rows to preload into the display when the lookup list is first displayed. The maximum number of rows which can be preloaded is 1000. If more than 1000 rows must be searched, the user can use the search option located on the device panel. When Query is chosen, then only preloaded rows will be searched.
Allow Multiple Selection Allows the user to make multiple selections based on the results populated within the lookup list.
Allow user to add items Allows users to insert their own values into the lookup list.
Maximum number of search results to display Specify the number of results returned when a search is executed. The default value is 25 and the maximum value is 1000.