Fields tab (Form Settings)

Use settings on this tab to add and configure fields in a form.

Configure the indexing fields that will be presented to the user. Add fields by entering data in the last line, which is marked in the first column by the asterisk (*).

Column Description
Name The field name should be unique among the other fields within this form. The field name labels the RRT that returns the field value at run time. For example, if the field name is "Field1", the RRT is ~RSP::%Field1%~.
Display The text which is displayed above the field at the device panel.
Type Enter the field type. A field type represents the format by which data is collected at the device panel. Regardless of field type, the result will be in text format. Click the browse button (...) in the properties column Required field to configure settings for a field type.

The following field types are supported:

  • Button — Creates a button in a form.
  • Checkbox — Allow users to set true/false values by selecting or clearing a check box in a form.
  • Date — Allow users to enter date information in a specified format.
  • Label — Enter a text label within a form.
  • List — Allow users to select from a list of choices from which users select the desired item. Use this field type if you want a text field with auto complete capabilities. If a list of choices is too long, the list can be made searchable.
  • Lookup List — A database lookup field allows users to specify items from a field a database table.
  • Numeric — Allow users to enter numbers (with or without decimal point).
  • Text — Allows users to enter plain text.
  • Tree — Creates a tree choice control in a form.
Required field (Required) Select this check box to require users to enter a value in a field before they can submit a form. This check box is unavailable when it does not apply for a particular field type or field setting.
Notify server (Notify server) Selecting this check box triggers an event when the value of the field changes. The event can be responded to in a script that was configured for the Dynamic Form section in the General tab.
Required field (Properties) Click the browse button (...) to edit additional properties for a particular field type.