General tab (Form Settings)

Use settings on this tab to configure general options for the Ricoh SOP component in a workflow.

General tab

Option Description
Name The name of the form to be displayed on the MFP panel. For example, if this form is used to send the scanned documents to the user’s home directory, then name the form "Scan to User’s Home Directory". This name must be unique among the forms at the current nesting level.
Icon Specifies an icon to be associated with this form. Enter the path where the image is stored. The image must be a 48x48 PNG file with 8-bit color depth.
Single Touch Mode Select this check box to begin the scanning process upon selection of the form. The user will not be prompted for any selections on the device panel.
Access Control Specifies who can use a form.
  • Public Access — Allow any user to access the form.
  • Restricted Access — Allow specified users to access the form.
  • Allowed Users/Groups — Specifies users who can access the form for Restricted Access. Click the browse button (...) to select users or groups.
Scanning Settings This table lists all the available scan settings for the device. Default scan settings can be configured in the Options column. A default scan setting is used when a user does not change the setting at the device panel.
Dynamic Form
  • Enable Dynamic Form — Standard behavior of a form can be modified by responding to events. This check box allows the workflow server to load form snap-ins. Here are some examples of what enabling dynamic forms can do:
    • Add and remove fields.
    • Change field contents (Example: load the contents of a list field from a database).
    • Validate field contents before the document is scanned into the server.
  • Script path — The path to the script that controls behavior of a dynamic form.
  • Edit Script Code — Click this button to edit or create a script. When the Script path box is empty, click this button open the code editor window with basic script code. For details of the code editor window and the object model used to respond to form and field events, refer to the Ricoh SOP Component Scripting Guide by clicking the help button in the code editor window.
  • Raise event when:
    • Form is loaded — Select this check box to cause the form to initiate an event every time the user enters the form.
    • Form is submitted: — Select this check box to cause the form to initiate an event every time the user presses Scan button in this form.
Run as device logged in user Select this check box if you need the script to run under the authentication context of the logged on user.

This option is only available if the group requires authentication and the configured authentication mode is Windows.

CAUTION: Whenever possible, specify user names and passwords in your script. Use this option only in cases where you need to access a system that requires explicit identification. Use available .Net technologies such as encrypting to hide the passwords from view when editing the script.