Menu Properties dialog box

Use settings in this dialog box to configure menu properties.

Option Description
Menu Name The name of the menu displayed on the MFD control panel.
Icon The icon that will be associated with the menu. Enter the path where the image is stored. The image must be a 48x48 PNG file with 8-bit color depth. See Image Configuration for more information.
Access Control If authentication is enabled for the group that contains the menu, then you can configure the Access Control options to specify users who can use the menu:
  • Public Access — Allows all users to use the menu.
  • Restricted Access — Only allows users in the Allowed Users/Groups list to use the form. A user that belongs to a group in this list will also be able to use the form.
Allowed User/Groups Specifies users or groups that are allowed to use the form for Restricted Access.

For Windows authentication, you can click the browse button (...) to select groups or users. Use the semicolon (;) to separate multiple entries in this list.

Group membership is determined by the authentication type for the group that contains the form:

  • None — The Access Control options are unavailable.
  • Windows — Group membership determined by the Windows Groups that the user belongs.
  • Custom Script — Group membership determined by the Groups collection of the UserInfo object that represents the authenticated user.

You can right-click a menu and use the Cut, Copy, and Paste shortcut menu items to cut, copy, or paste a menu. To move a menu item in the hierarchy, right-click the menu and click Move Up or Move Down.