Menus in a group

Adding a menu to a group

Highlight Common Group or the name of a group and select Add Menu.

A unique name must be entered for the menu name.

An icon image may be used for this menu.  The icon will be displayed on the device.  The icon must conform to the following specifications:

  • Image format: PNG or GIF with transparent background
  • Dimensions: 44x44 pixels
  • Maximum size: 24 KB

Selecting the Public Access option allows all users to use the form.

Selecting the Restricted Access option allows only users in the Allowed Users/Groups list to use the form.  If a user belongs to a group in the list then this user can see the form (see group membership criteria below).

Group membership criteria

Group membership is determined by the authentication type:

Determined by the Windows Groups that the user belongs.
Custom Script
Determined by the Groups collection of the UserInfo object that represents the authenticated user. For details on the object model used in authentication scripts see the Ricoh SOP Component Scripting Guide.
Note: When the authentication type is Windows you can use the browse button () to select Windows groups or users. The browse button is disabled for all other authentication types.