Application dialog box

Define the workflow application parameters. Workflow applications are represented by a top-level button on the MFP device. Pressing the application button may lead to one or more forms.

Field Name Description
Display Name Enter a name for the application you are creating. This is a string value describing the name of the application.  This name does not appear on the panel and it is used strictly as logical group name.
Display Description Enter a description of the application.
Icon Standard Icon — If this option is enabled, select one of the available icons from the drop down list. Otherwise select the customized icons:
  • "Up" Icon — Select the icon for application button.
  • "Down" Icon — Select the icon when the user touches the application button.
  • "Disabled" Icon — Select the icon when the application button is disabled.
Action List Check this box to enable single Touch Scan to immediately initiate a scan operation.