Using this component

Use this component to capture documents from the Ricoh ESA device and to process the digitized documents for storage in a repository or for distribution. This component allows Ricoh ESA devices to access a rich set of workflows and attain high levels of document capture efficiency.

The Ricoh ESA component allows Ricoh devices with ESA capability to integrate directly with AutoStore server. Additionally use the scripting capability provided by this component to create dynamic forms and fields that are connected with your applications. Validation of form fields can also be done directly against back-end application databases to provide a quality control indexing station on the Ricoh ESA devices.

This component provides a rich set of form fields to allow the user to capture String, String List, Date, Number, Boolean, Label field values. Creation of forms using these devices is now very simple and easy to manage since all devices are centrally controlled from the AutoStore server.

This implementation provides an enterprise solution that can provide:
  • Device grouping and scan setting control from a single location without the need to log on to every device
  • Centralized indexing form management
  • Support for Server Farms and load balancing for larger deployment of devices