How to install JavaTM platform

  1. Make sure that the Main Power of the Ricoh Device is turned OFF.
  2. Insert SD card into available slot. Power ON the Ricoh Device.
  3. Press the User Tools/Counter/Inquiry hard button on the Ricoh Device control panel.
  4. Press the Extended Feature Settings button in the bottom left of the screen to display the Extended Feature Settings menu.
  5. Press the Extended Feature Settings button to display the Extended Feature Settings screen.
  6. Press the Install tab to display the SD Card and Web Server installation sources.
  7. Press the SD Card button to display the JavaTM Platform.
  8. Select the JavaTM Platform to start the installation.
  9. Select the appropriate SD Card slot as the destination installation and press the Next button.
  10. To start the installation press the OK button on the Extended feature information screen. A screen Installing the extended feature will appear showing that the installation process is being performed.
  11. Once installation has completed press Exit to end the installation.
  12. To start up the JavaTM platform, press the Startup Setting tab.
  13. Press the JavaTM Platform button.
  14. Startup settings will be valid after turning the power of the machine on again.