Group dialog box

Select this option if you want to add a user group. Each group entry requires the following entries:

Field Name Description

Enter a name for the group you are creating. This is a string value describing the name of the group. This name does not appear on the desktop and it is used strictly as logical group name. This component is equipped with a default group called Common Group. You may add Menu and Form to the Common Group.

Root menu title

Enter a string to set the title of the main menu on the device display.

Use authentication settings

Enable this option to apply authentication settings to the Group.

Update menus on startup

If your environment does not use the Nuance Combined Client for Ricoh, enable the option to update menus on devices on startup. Enter Administrator User Name and Password and intervals when updates are made.

Note: The option does not appear if your environment uses the Nuance Combined Client for Ricoh.
Device list
  • Click Add to enter either a valid Ricoh ESA IP address/Host Name.
  • Click Ping Address to check the validity of the IP address/Host Name.
  • Click Edit to edit a IP Address/Host Name. Click Remove to delete an MFP device.
  • Click Import to load a CSV file containing Device IP addresses/Host Names.
  • Click Export to export a CSV file containing Device IP addresses/Host Names.