Folder Browse field

A folder browse field allows users to select documents in a selected folder.

Option Description
Root Specifies the root folder for the field.

To select a specific folder on the device, the user must select from the starting folder path and then continue to select the folders until the target folder is reached.  For example, if the target folder path is C:\install\folder1\folder2 and the field is configured with the folder path of C:\install, then the folder path displayed on device will start at C:\install. The user may continue further down the folder path by selecting on device “folder1” and pressing OK, and then selecting “folder2” and selecting OK.

Visible Select this check box to display the field in the device panel. Clear this check box to hide the field so that it does not display on the device panel.
Enabled Select this check box to allow the user to edit the field value. Clear this check box to display the field in read-only mode on the device panel.