CardLogin event

This event occurs after a user successfully logs in.

This event is used by the script specified on the Authentication tab by the Restricted Access User Membership option.

CardLogin (User, DeviceAddress)
Argument Value Description
User   The authenticate user object.
DeviceAddress The string value that is IP address of the MFP device.  


You can use this event to return the user and MFP device IP address after login.


Function CardLogin(User, DeviceAddress)
   CardLogin = "Debug Msg: " + User.Username + " (" + User.DoDEDI + ") logged in to " + DeviceAddress
End Function


Returns the authenticated user name.
When CAC authentication has been enabled, the following can be returned:
DoDEDI The authenticated user's DOD EDI ID.
UserID The user ID of the authenticated user.
Returns the IP address of the MFP device.