Authentication tab

Use this tab to configure authentication settings. The authentication server runs on the Ricoh ESA component of workflow server.

Option Description
Authentication Type Choose the authentication method to be used.
  • None — Server authentication is not enabled.
  • Windows — Integrates with Microsoft Windows NTLM authentication.
  • Active Directory — Integrates with Microsoft Windows Active Directory for user name and password settings.
  • Netware — Integrates with Novell NetWare authentication.
  • Script — Implement authentication through a custom script.

For more information, see Authentication Types.

Domain name Domain name for Windows and Active Directory authentication types.
NDS tree NDS tree for authentication through Novell NetWare.
NDS context NDS context for authentication through Novell NetWare.
Script file The script file for the Script authentication type.
Authentication requires LDAP lookup Queries the LDAP server during authentication to retrieve the display name and email address for the user. Authentication fails if the LDAP query fails.
Restricted Access User Membership Provides the ability to create a custom script to return the group memberships for the logged on user. User access is determined by comparing groups returned by the script with groups specified by the Restrict access option in the form or menu definition. You can click the browse button (...) to edit a script. For more information, see GetUserMemberships event.